Our Bodies Are Magical!

Our bodies are magical!  Our bodies are sacred! Did you know you selected your body before your incarnation into earth! Yes! You had a hand in picking your physical form. And you still have a hand in transforming your physical form to whatever you need it to be to accomplish your life's purpose.

My intention is to live a life that is free from limitations. Society is great for making you feel limited with your physical body.  Entire industries are situated on feeding off the insecurities of our bodies! The good news is that your body is entirely up to you! Which means you are the commander and chief of your vehicle! I sometimes refer to my body as a temple or vehicle because that's precisely what it is.  Once I realized this, I became more open to the possibilities of transformation. 

The more I mentally understood how amazing my body was, the more I desired to treat it with the utmost respect.  My value is not just in my personality or skills. It extends to my physical being as well.  I adorn myself outwardly because there is an outflowing of expressing- my beauty inside just expanding outward. My confidence is not just inward. I wear it outwardly. 

Above all else, I always remind myself that my body is beautiful. I remind myself that I loved this temple/vehicle so much that I selected it! My beautiful caramel hazelnut skin, kinky curly coils, deep dark eyes- thick thighs and muscular build. I loved this. This is my temple. I honor it. I adorn it. I respect it! Anyone else who thinks otherwise is irrelevant. 

Here are 5 ways to love your mermaid magical body!

1. Speak kindly to your body

So often we talk about what we hate about our bodies. When is the last time you said you loved something about your body?  When is the last time you said you loved something about your body in front of a group of other women? What was their reaction?

CHALLENGE: Write down 3 things you absolutely love about your body. Next time you're in a group of friends/acquaintances, and the body bashing begins- redirect and talk about what you absolutely love about your body. Go a step forward and then tell them one thing you love about their body! DM me on IG what happens! I would love to know!

2. Water & Rest 

So this one is a no brainer. Water is essential for all living things. You must keep your body hydrated. Just like a car needs oil, you need water- AND REST! I'm clearly preaching to myself on this one! I don't nearly drink enough water and rest...I have some very strange sleeping patters. (More on that later). But yeah...if you don't like water (y'all know who you are), try adding fresh fruit for infused flavoring.  You can also add flavored electrolyte tablets or even BCAAs. 

CHALLENGE: Get a gallon jug of water. Drink it. All of it. In one day. Then go to sleep! LOL! But seriously...it is a challenge! DM me :) 

3. Give yourself a spa day

I often like to devote a huge chunk of one day just to relaxing and pampering my body.  I feel this is 100% necessary for me to feel loved. When I don't take time to pamper myself, I find that I'm more tense and anxious.  Getting a massage is a great way to release the build up of toxins in your body.  Something simple like giving yourself a hand/foot massage can work wonder for relaxation. Soaking in an epsom salt bath or making your own sugar/salt scrub is also an affordable way to create a spa day at home.  If you have a significant other, allow them to join in on the spa day action. Couple massages are a great way to increase intimacy without actually having sex. 

CHALLENGE: Pick a day this week or this month to create a spa/pampering day.  Anticipate this day just like any other important event. Your time can be an hour or the entire day.  It's completely up to you.  Again, DM me your experiences! I would love to share what amazing things you're doing to love yourself!


4. Eat Guilt Free  

This might be a stretch but I'm putting it here anyway.  It is ok to eat French Fries. And it is perfectly fine to eat meat if that's what your soul leads your to do. The issues arises when we judge ourselves for eating. Allow yourself to indulge in the foods you enjoy.  Moderation is key- as in most all aspects of life. But when we judge ourselves so harshly it leads to us taking that judgement into our bodies.  Subsequently they don't glow (or work) as well as they could. 

CHALLENGE: Next time you indulge think of it not as a "cheat" meal. It's simply a meal. You aren't cheating. You are eating mindfully with the intent of nurturing and loving yourself holistically. 

5. Don't worry, Be Happy

My girl Audrey Hepburn says "Happy girls are pretty girls", and she is absolutely right! Every time I'm just beaming with love, light, and positive energy, I'm getting so many compliments from strangers about how I'm glowing and how gorgeous I am.  I've even woke up and opted out of make up because my glow game was so strong! Yes! I kid you not! If you cultivate an air of joy and happiness, you will radiate an immense glow that is so attractive people will gravitate toward you. 

CHALLENGE: Write a list of all the things that give you joy/happiness. Is it seeing your dog after a long day at work? Spending time with your friends/family?  Or maybe its creating or playing an instrument? Whatever it is identify it and do more of it!  When you are unable to do those things, simply think about the feeling you get when you do participate in those activities. And then physically (and actually) smile! Stay in the space and let that "happy" consume your body. Visualize that warmth going all over your body!