A Sacred Dance

The Art of Kokoro: A sacred dance.


It’s Sunday. We either start fresh or finish strong. Or maybe we do both. Or maybe we do neither. I’ve always been compelled to seek balance. I honor harmony, value honesty, and cringe at the thought of injustice. Many people looking at my life will assume I embody grit, grace, balance, and tranquility. However internally the war rages on. My mind is a battlefield. My heart is the rebel. And my spirit is a nomad searching for home. Who can relate?

I spent the past year in a semi state of solitude. Seeking a deep connection with myself. I wish I could say I initially sought this out. I absolutely did not. (At least not in the physical. It’s quite possible I initiated this on a different level, but that’s a different story for a different day.) The night was dark and I was the light. But was unaware.


During these intense dark nights of our soul, we find our inner light. Because WE ARE LIGHT. In fact, I found my “kokoro” or soul essence.

Kokoro in Japanese is the word for heart/mind/spirit. And the belief is that there is no separation. They are all one. Just like A HOLY TRINITY! 🖤


I can personally attest to this. Do your thoughts ever put you in a mood? Do you ever feel emotional and don’t understand why? Or maybe you feel tension or fatigue in the body after connecting with someone. All these symptoms are a result in your kokoro seeking homeostasis or balance.

There is a sacred dance they perform when they are celebrated. This union is the key to manifesting harmony and energetic alignment. And as a dancer, I’m still finding my center and balance. Trying to learn the choreography and remember the steps so my body can move mindfully- in sync with divine timing.

- KD

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